Chicken Burgers with Roasted Red Pepper

Fully Cooked Chicken Burgers

Connie's Kitchen Chicken Burger with Roasted Red Pepper
Gluten free
25 g protein per serving
8 burgers
Our flavourful, delicious, and juicy chicken burgers with roasted red pepper are a perfect solution for when you’re short on time.
Ingredients: Chicken • Water • Roasted red pepper • Basil • Tapioca starch • Salt • Flavour • Dehydrated onion • Dehydrated garlic • Spice • Dehydrated parsley
May contain: Egg

Heating Instructions

Heat to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F (74°C). Remove patties from plastic packaging.


  1. Brush grill with vegetable oil.
  2. Preheat barbecue to medium heat.
  3. Heat burgers for 3 minutes to 3 minutes 30 seconds per side.

Microwave (1000w)

  1. Place 1 or 2 burgers on a microwaveable plate.
  2. Microwave on high for 1 minute 15 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds for 1 burger and 2 minute to 2 minutes 30 seconds  for 2 burgers.
  3. Let stand 1 minute before serving.


  1. Preheat a lightly oiled pan over medium-low heat.
  2. Place burgers in the pre-heated pan, cover, and heat for 3 to 3 minutes 30 seconds per side.
Appliances vary; these are guidelines only.
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