Feta and Spinach Chicken Sausages

Fully Cooked Smoked Sausages with Processed Feta Cheese and Spinach

Connie's Kitchen Feta and Spinach Chicken Sausages
Product of USA
Keep refrigerated
Serving suggestion
1.1 kg
12 sausages
Fully Cooked
Gluten free
No added nitrites*
No added MSG
*Beyond those naturally occurring nitrites in the ingredients.
Ingredients: Chicken • Processed feta cheese (milk) • Spinach • Vinegar • Salt • Cultured celery juice • Spices (mustard) • Cherry powder • Sugar • Smoke • Collagen casing
*Cultured celery juice contains naturally occurring nitrites.

Heating guidelines


Medium heat for 8 -10 minutes.

Frying pan

Medium heat for 8 -10 minutes.


Prick sausage, cover with paper towel and heat on high for 2 – 3 minutes.
Appliances vary; these are guidelines only.


Slice and use as a pizza topping, add to stir-fried vegetables, or serve whole as a breakfast side.
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Click for larger view.
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